How to record your desktop screen to create a Tutorial for YouTube

There are many software online for both Windows and Linux which help you create video tutorials of your desktop screens for YouTube, thus making it tough to pick the right one for yourself.

For Windows users:

There are many software for windows which enable you to record your desktop screens to make videos. Personally, I would recommend you to use a software named Ezvid. Ezvid comes with an in-built video editor and you can upload your videos on YouTube with the help of the software itself.  Facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing & speed control are some of the features that set it apart from other screen recorders.

For gamers, Ezvid provides an option to enable “Gaming Mode” where it records your gameplay.

You can click this link to download Ezvid and follow the on screen commands.

If you aren’t looking for a desktop screen recorder for YouTube purposes but for any general purpose, you can even use a software named Camtasia. Here is the link to download Camtasia.

For Linux users:

If you use Linux, then there aren’t  many software that enable you to download your desktop screens. The most common software used is recordMyDesktop. It is very simple to use and provides you an option to record the whole desktop screen or just a particular window. The format of the video created my recordMyDesktop is .ogv and to convert it into other formats you can use software like Mencoder or FFmpeg.

Here’s how you download recordMyDesktop for your platform:

Using Advanced Packaging Tool (apt):

$ sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop

Using Yellow dog Updater Manger (yum):

 $ yum install gtk-recordmydesktop


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